1.9 Policies

Policies govern how we use information technology - from user agreements in education and business to the regulations of social media and other sites that we use regularly. Governments also enact laws that determine what can and cannot be said or done online - although, as with all policies, enforcing these can be quite difficult.

Electronic waste solutions

Electronic waste: Environmental Policies and Solutions

Many computer manufacturers, including Microsoft, Sony, Dell, Apple, and Samsung now have environmental policies that address the chemicals they use in their hardware manufacturing processes. Several manufacturers also offer equipment recycling schemes or takeback schemes. Gazelle is another recycling programme operated by Costco.

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition is an organisation that assesses the environmental impact of different IT companies and is a useful resource that has links to many policies and takeback schemes.

Updated: 2015-02-27
Facebook privacy policy changes

Facebook Data Use Policies

Facebook are once again going to update their data policy, terms, and cookie policy in January 2015. Their Updating Our Terms and Policies page explains the changes that will be made and how users can control the advertisements they see. The main Facebook Data Use Policy page explains in more detail what data is collected by the social network and how it is used.

In the past Facebook has caused storms of online protest regarding its policy changes, including its short-lived real names policy and a huge psychological experiment it conducted on 700,000 users in 2012.

Updated: 2014-12-04

Online Privacy: Regional Differences

With government surveillance and corporate data breaches, online privacy is rarely out of the headlines. This article from the ACM examines different approaches to data privacy protection around the world.

Legislation in the US, Europe, and Japan are explained in detail, making this a great opportunity to study real-life examples and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of different privacy policies and their impact on customers, users, and citizens. It is also a useful tool to highlight the conflicts that occur when users or companies operate in several different countries with different corporate environments and cultures.

Read the article: Online Privacy: Regional Differences

Updated: 2015-02-11