ITGS News articles (Paper 2 exam)

The ITGS paper 2 exam requires students to answer a series of standard questions on an unseen news article. Students must analyse the relevant ITGS social / ethical issues and impacts, explain how the technology in the article works, and present and evaluate a solution for problems arising from the article. This is a difficult task and practise is essential. Past papers are a useful resource and are available on the OCC, but there are only a small number available.

Paper 2 News articles

Below are some sample paper 2 exam articles which I have successfully used in exams with my students. Like the IB articles they are between 25 and 30 lines long and are specially written, rather than being copied directly from published news sources.
Updated: 2014-11-07

Paper 2 News articles (online)

The links below are to online news articles that are useful for the ITGS paper 2 exam. Unlike the articles above, the links here have not been altered or specially written and in some cases they will need editing or shortening to make them more appropriate for the paper 2 exam. However, each article does raise clear social and ethical issues and they are good practice for the exam.
Updated: 2015-03-18