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2 June 2014 A section has been added with some resources for the 2015 Case Study, which was released last week and is entitled Asociación de Supermercados Independientes - An investigation into Big Data.

12 May 2014 Small update to the Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Expert Systems page with some resources for the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge for disaster and rescue robots.

29 April 2014 Update to the ITGS films and movies page with some new documentary films that tackle issues related to professional video game playing and video game addiction - great for teaching the Home Á Leisure or Health units. A couple of new feature films that examine ITGS related issues have also been added.

25 March 2014 The past papers list has been updated to cover exam papers from May and November 2013. The topic(s) for each question are listed to make finding the right past paper easy. You can download it here.

16 March 2014 New resources for the Cobb Publishing case study, particularly focused on Digital Rights Management (DRM), self-publishing, and the possibilities of enhanced e-books.

22 February 2014 Some new resources on the 2014 Case Study page - Cobb Publishing.

24 January 2014 A small update with a new activity to help teach disk fragmentation from section 3.2 Software of the ITGS syllabus.

21 January 2014 With mock season coming up I have added a few sets of keyword bingo cards that are useful for revising key ITGS terms. Student cards and teacher clues have been added for Business and Employment, Models and Simulations, and Databases. There are also versions for hardware and software, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, and networks already online. All files can be found on the respective pages. There are also Taboo / Forbidden Words cards for the Digital Media topic.

30 November 2013 More than twenty new articles and resources added to the Networks, Politics and Government, Business and Employment, and Wider reading pages.

10 November 2013 Two new books added to the wider reading page: Zero Day, an excellent thriller about a terrorist group committing cyber-attacks across the globe, and Ghost in the Wires, the story of notorious computer hacker Kevin Mitnick.

3 November 2013
Just a small update with some news articles added to the education page (especially relating to MOOCs) and a couple of useful sites for news articles relating to robotics. A few broken links removed.

1 September 2013
A small update to the wider reading section with a couple of ITGS related books I have read recently.

17 August 2013 A few updates across the site ready for the new academic year (for May schools, at least). There have been updates with new links and resources on the Business and Employment, Models and Simulations, Politics and government (especially cyberwarfare), multimedia, security, AI & robotics, Education, and IT Systems in Organisations pages.

13 July 2013 I've added a new section with a list of movies that are useful for teaching ITGS. The list includes documentaries and feature films that raise the ITGS social and ethical issues. Many are very useful for starting classroom discussions. You can view the list here.

10 July 2013 I've added some new articles and resources to the Software page, related to the reliability of in-vehicle computer systems, and to the hardware page, covering developments in wearable computing.

15 June 2013 Added some initial resources for the 2014 ITGS case study, which this year focuses on e-book publishing.

11 June 2013 It has been a while since the last update. I've added quite a few new resources to the Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics page, including more articles about the impact of industrial robots on employment, the need for reskilling, and a section detailing the growing number of civilian applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). There is also a new link to a predictive text lesson plan which should help students understand how mathematics and probability are used in artificial intelligence applications.

9 May 2013 New practice Paper 2 article added

25 April 2013 I wish I had known about Book Depository before - they have free worldwide shipping on everything they sell - including my book!

23 April 2013
Small update with a PERT chart revision task involving chicken and pasta(!).

13 April 2013 An update including lots of new news articles and resources in many parts of the site (the Education page in particular has been expanded), as well as a new section with advice for writing ITGS extended essays and and the start of a page with ideas for integrating the IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course with ITGS.

9 April 2013 I've added another new practical activity to the 2013 Red Dragon Taxi Company case study page which should help students understand the data requirements of Red Dragon Taxi Company and help them revise databases.

8 April 2013
I've added a new, final activity to the 2013 Red Dragon Taxi Company case study page which should help students synthesize their knowledge and research ready for the IB exams in May.

28 March 2013
Big exam revision update - every page has been updated with dozens of new articles and resources  - just in time for May 2013 exam revision!

21 February 2013 The teacher's solution book, containing answers and marking schemes for all exercises in the textbook (over 200 in total), is available now! The book can be purchased on Amazon and a range of book stores.

24 January 2013 Updates to the multimedia page, including a series of practical tasks for teaching vector graphics using Inkscape, and some new resources for teaching digital image manipulation.

There are also minor updates to the IT Systems in Organisations page, the Health page, AI & Robotics, Software, ITGS project, and the Security page.

8 January 2013
First update of 2013! The biggest changes have been to the Home and Leisure page, where the digital preservation and restoration section has been expanded and improved. There have been smaller updates to Software, Security, Politics & Government, Business and Employment, the Case Study 2013, and the ITGS project pages.

13 December 2012 Small updates to several pages to bring the site up to date with some of the latest resources I have found. Pages updated are hardware, security, politics and government, models and simulations, and the environment. I'm trying to keep the number of "further reading" links on each page relatively small, focusing on the quality of the resources rather than quantity.

1 December 2012 I have added a wider reading section for books about the Lego Mindstorms Robotics kits. I have been using these kits a lot more recently, both in extra-curricular clubs and for the ITGS Robotics, artificial intelligence, and expert systems topic.

17 November 2012 I have added resources for two famous IT project failures to the IT Systems in Organisations page. The FBI's Sentinel project was the successor to their failed Virtual Case File project, and the USAF's Expeditionary Combat Support System was a $1 billion project cancelled in November 2012.

10 November 2012 I have added practical lesson activities for teaching graphical user interfaces, menu-driven user interfaces, and command line interfaces. A review of American the Vulnerable, an interesting examination of the threat cyberwarfare poses to the United States, has also been added.

1 November 2012 Added a books for the ITGS project section, with reviews for Creating a Website: The Missing Manual and HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites. Both are really useful for helping students design good websites for their clients. I also have a copy of books for database and spreadsheet based projects which I haven't had time to look at properly yet.

17 October 2012 Big update to the Case Study 2013 section, with three new activities designed to help students really understand the situation with the Red Dragon Taxi Company. Material for the November 2012 case study is still available too.

7 October 2012
Lots of new resources added across the site. The wider reading, politics and government, environment, home and leisure, hardware, and health pages have all had new resources and useful links added. I have also started an ITGS Pinterest board where I intend to add multimedia ITGS resources that don't really fit into any specific topic area or lesson plan (such as infographics or classroom posters).

29 September 2012
A list of ITGS past exam paper topics from 2006 to 2012 has been added.

27 September 2012 Small update: a new interactive map showing African fibre optic cables has been added to the networks chapter, a neural network example to the artificial intelligence page, and thee useful lesson plan sites to the ITGS links section.

18 September 2012 Small update with additional resources in the hardware, software, networks, and AI pages.

5 September 2012 Two expert system related updates. First, some examples of online expert systems to help students understand their uses and purpose. Second, a lesson plan and the necessary software to create your own expert system.

26 August 2012 A small update for the start of the new school term. Some new infographic resources for Chapter 2 Hardware and Chapter 4 Networks, plus an update to Exercise 1-5 in the ITGS introduction and some new resource links on the internal assessment page.

18 August 2012ITGS first lesson: a quick update with handouts for students based on the ITGS triangle and command terms.

12 August 2012 Small updates across many pages, including resources for the ITGS project, some wider reading, new resources in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and a re-organisation of the ITGS Links section. The hardware, software, networks, security, and Home and Leisure pages have all had a couple of new links added too.

24 July 2012 It has been a while - but here is an update I think you will like. I have added 5 complete exemplar ITGS projects to the internal assessment page. Each of these products includes the full product, full criteria A-F, and explanation of the marking. Even better, each of these projects scored IB 7s in the May 2012 exams. You can find them on the internal assessment page. Many thanks to the students and clients who gave permission for these projects to be hosted here.

13 June 2012ITGS introduction lesson added.

12 June 2012 Added flashcards for a game similar to 'Taboo' or 'Banned Words'. Each card contains an ITGS key term which students must define without using the 'banned words' on the card. The game is quite an enjoyable way to help improve students' use of language. Cards have been added with terms for Hardware, Software, Networks, and Security.

8 June 2012 A few small updates: more further reading on the Hardware page, some additional lesson resources on the Networks page, GIS links on the Environment page, and a new news article for Paper 2.

5 June 2012Case Study 2013 (Red Dragon taxi company) page added with some initial secondary research resources.

4 June 2012 Two news articles added to the Paper 2 page.

17 May 2012 Special book discount! Today Amazon launched some nice new features to really help authors like me. To celebrate, I'm offering a $5 discount from the price of the book. View this blog post for more details.

1 May 2012 Added two lessons using Google Earth and online examples to teach Geographical Information Systems (GIS), part of the 2.3 Environment scenario.

15 April 2012 Added a wider reading section containing links to books I have read and found useful for teaching ITGS.

12 April 2012 Three new paper 2 articles added.

11 April 2012 Revision flashcards with the key terms for all ITGS topics are now online. They are linked from the individual pages on this site, or you can use the links below to access them.

The ITGS glossary has also been updated to include more terms and definitions for all terms.

9 April 2012 Revision flashcards added for computer security, databases, models and simulations, and the 2012 Theatre Booking System Case Study.

8 April 2012 A litte bit of a site redesign to hopefully make finding things easier. I created some online flash cards for hardware and software which I found useful revision for my students. I'll be adding more topics shortly.

3 April 2012 Links covering the use of IT in sport, including virtual umpires, goal line technology, and telemetry (data logging) in football, cricket, tennis, and motor racing.

23 March 2012Multimedia page: Added slides with images demonstrating resolution and lossy compression, from pages 122 and 126 of the book. They may be clearer on screen than in print.

21 March 2012 Some exam-style questions added for the 2012 Case Study.

16 March 2012 An update to the health page with lots of further reading links.

11 March 2012 I have created the ITGS news blog to feature current news articles, resources, and analysis related to the ITGS course. Updated frequently, this should be a useful resource for students who want to improve their subject knowledge through focused wider reading.

10 March 2012 Secondary research added to Case Study 2012 page: example theatres, online ticketing technologies, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

6 March 2012 New further reading resources added to the Environment page, covering pollution and resource depletion issues during IT manufacture, and identity theft risks from discarded hard drives.

23 February 2012 Criteria E - product development has been added to the sample internal assessment practical project page.

21 February 2012Police use of IT links: crime mapping, online crime reporting, offender databases, ANPR, and SmartCCTV.

19 February 2012Case Study 2012 page added with student exercises and activities.

10 February 2012Sample internal assessment project added.

8 February 2012 Articles and links related to the US presidential race have been added to the Politics and Government page.

3 February 2012Discussion question about full body scanners added (page 216 of the book). This relates to the use of these scanners in airports (Business – Transportation) and their use for law enforcement (Politics and Government).

30 January 2012. Bright Futures Academy Case Study added. This gives students a chance to apply their knowledge after studying Chapter 2 - Hardware, and Chapter 3 - Software.