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ITGSopedia is a public wiki. It has been created by experienced ITGS educators to support teachers and students in exploring Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS).

All contributions from ITGS educators are welcome through Submit a Resource

Using collaborative efforts of a wide range of ITGS educators, the ITGSopedia has been created and is constantly updated to provide 'only the best' resources for every topic in the Guide.

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How to Approach Using ITGSopedia

ITGSopedia only diplays the most current resources as the bottom of each wiki page. However, the full list of resources of every topic is available on ITGSopedia group in Diigo.

Simply enter the appropriate tag from the Global Tagging System and all of the tagged items will appear for the topic.

  • The first table includes resources that have been selected by members of the ITGSopedia team or the Page Managers. It is frequently moderated to ensure that the most appropriate resources for teaching of ITGS have been provided.

  • Exemplary audio and video resources have been embedded on the page.

  • The links at the bottom includes resources that have been most recently tagged by the ITGSopedia team in Diigo. These resources have not been subject to scrutiny by the page moderator and the owners of the wiki are not responsible for its content. For the complete list of resources for any page, go to the Diigo database and search for the related global tag for the topic.

How to Approach ITGS

ITGS teachers and students in today's world must keep abreast of the constantly evolving nature of ITGS and be able to apply the ITGS concepts that they have learned to new situations. This can be done by following:
  • current new articles
  • podcasts
  • radio and television broadcasts
  • videos
  • special events (i.e. listen to keynote speakers, follow TED events)

Personal investigations and hands-on experiences must be integrated into learning the topics in the ITGS Guide. TOK goes hand-in-hand with ITGS. We cannot simply accept what we see or read. Is it true? We need to analyze, question and verify the details relating to situations and scenarios we encounter.

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