ITGS Triangle Throughout all of ITGS!

Strand 1, Strand 2, and Strand 3 appear to be isolated topics because they are presented sequentially in the ITGS Guide.However, each Strand must be viewed through the "lens" of all four parts of the ITGS Triangle:

  • the specific scenario (Strand 2)?
  • how are stakeholders involved?
  • the social/ethical impacts* (Strand 1)?
  • the IT systems are involved in the scenario (Strand 3)?

All assessment components are based on the ITGS Triangle. Can you fill in the empty Triangle for each of the following?

  • Project

  • Paper 1

  • Paper 2

  • Case Study and Paper 3

* Note:

''Impacts refers to both the positive and negative effects of IT systems in a particular scenario on the stakeholders. ''Issues refers to concerns and requires investigating feasible solutions.

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