Web 2.0 Tools and Tutorials


General web 2.0 resources

http://webtools4u2use.wikispaces.com/ interesting example of a wiki and collection of web 2.0 tools
http://c4lpt.co.uk/ website maintained by Jane Hart, Social Learning Consultant, and Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT)
http://teachweb2.wikispaces.com/ Teach Web 2.0 - an extensive listing of web 2.0 tools for teaching
http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computers Goodwill Community Foundation, online tutorials and free online workshops


Social Bookmarking

Delicious http://del.icio.us/ is a social bookmarking site.
Store bookmarks, tag with ITGS subject headings and share with your students.

Social Bookmarking

Diigo http://www.diigo.com has a similar function to Delicious, with some added features


http://www.wikispaces.com/ is a collaborative Wiki creation sit

Photo Editing and Sharing

Picasa Web Albums http://picasaweb.google.com/ allow you to share photos via the Web.

Cloud computing including:

  • Word Processor,

  • Spreadsheet,

  • Presentations,

  • Surveys

Google docs http://docs.google.com are documents stored on the Google server.
They can be accessed from anywhere and may be shared with chosen people.
Uses: work on a shared document with colleagues/allow students to work together on a document

Ning http://www.ning.com/ is a social networking tool.
Customise your site by including video, photos, chat, forum, gadgets, music, RSS, blogs....

Google Reader www.reader.google.com acts as a virtual mail box.
Subscribe to any online news and have it ‘delivered’ to one place.

iGoogle is a 'startup' pagecan include RSS feeds as well as other useful widgets. Another similar tool is Netvibes.


A list of tools at go2web20

Slideshare http://www.slideshare. allows for sharing PDF files and slideshows online. Uploads can be embedded into blogs and wikis.

http://www.eduslide.netallows anyone to create educational content and deliver it online, free of charge.

Use http://bubbl.us/ to create, edit and export concept/mind maps that capture class discussions. This is particularly useful for analysing the Case Study.

Online survey tool http://www.zoomerang.orgwith basic account free. Another tool like this is called Survey Monkey.http://www.surveymonkey.com

KartOOis a search software and data visualization publisher that allows you to quickly find data in searches, in timelines and in specific locations. Enter your search item, press the search button...you get text returned, click on the button with the mickey mouse ears, it turns it into a graphical web. Linked by the metatags.http://www.kartoo.com/

Justin.TV Live Broadcasting in one click

Cmap Tools is collaborative mind mapping software. Students can be logged on and editing a mind map together.

Edmodo http://www.edmodo.com
Class management tool


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