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Videos are an excellent approach to discussing news items and some new developments are best demonstrated using this approach (i.e. robotics). Podcasts can be downloaded to mobile devices or played thorough iTunes. Although videos and podcasts cannot be used as a basis for a Portfolio, it is usually possible to find a news item on the same topic and use it as a basis for the Portfolio. The video can be used as one of the sources in the bibliography.

Videos and Podcasts TED -Ideas Worth Spreading (techology) video introduction for TED Education TED Education website
Follow #teded on Twitter videos from MIT Harvard lessons for ITGS and Computer Science Topics Search for specific topics ˆ) technology TV show (technology section) (technology video) NPR (technology news, videos and podcasts) - TV show, technology with transcripts and videos online Digital Planet - digital radio;snav CNET tech videos
http://dubaieye1038.compodcasts from 103.8 Dubai Eye

iTunes Store --> iTunesU (i.e. Podcasts/video casts from the Open University and other universities) Films for the Humanities relating to ITGS, check date of production and cost
Television Programs arrow_return_up_left.jpg BBC Click Online - Archive of all past shows available
Videos suggested by ITGS teachers

Tomorrow’s World (Wednesdays) BBC
Open University on BBC (scheduled from midnight to 5 AM)
CNN Business as Usual

The Social Network
Centennial Man
The Net
Robot Wars
Short Circuit I and II
Blade Runner
Terminator II
Stand and Deliver
The Triumph of the Nerd (and website)
War Games
The Amazing Machines (National Geographic)

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