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General IT Systems and Terminology Higher National Computing e-learning materials Teach ICT IGCSE ICT Quick Study Directory from ComputerWorld - useful for understanding IT aspects of the course, arranged by topic Webopeida online technical dictionary CAUTION: Wikipedia is online encyclopedia/dictionary - good for initial investigation, but information must be verified from reliable sources, Wikipedia should not appear as a source in a bibliography How Stuff Works explains how IT technologies work
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Computer Ethics & Professional Responsibility Sources / Organizations Website updating with articles (Digital Planet by George Beekman and Ben Beekman) SIIA Software and Information Industry Association BSA Business Software Alliance Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Electronic Frontier Institute for Global Ethics MPAA NPPA-photojournalism ethics Recording Industry Association of America Institute for Global Ethics

IT Organizationsarrow_return_up_left.jpg Publisher of the Horizon Report each year British Computer Society Association for Computing Machinery IEEE (association of electrical engineers) International Society for Technology in Education


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