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Articles that focus on new technologies are interesting to discuss in class. However, when the focus is on preparing skills for analyzing technical scenarios using questions (similar to the Portfolio criteria), it is important that the news article has elements from the Triangle (Area of Impact or Scenario, IT Systems, Social and Ethical Considerations, and Stakeholders).

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Sources for news articles (English)arrow_return_up_left.jpg BBC news - technology RSS: Click BBC World News Click Satellite Channel - hyperlink to “click online” Guardian news summary MIT Techology Review York Times -excellent technology link Lesson plans linked to news articles New York Times Techology and Circuits cybernavigator bottom of the tech page on the New York Times Wired online news (articles are longer, but well written) News Scientist CNN tech pages Reuters (technology ) the Australian IT Huffington Post Mashable Tech & Gadgets USA Today
http://www.iht.comInternational Herald Tribune The Wall Sydney Morning Herald

News / Journals on Specific Areas Daily, [robotics, AI, expert systems, modelling, simulations, research] Nextgov - the technology and business of government Pew Internet & American Life Project

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