Story behind the Basketball Promotional Video

The Basketball Promotional Video project was produced by a high school student who initially had no idea what to do for his ITGS project.

I knew that this student's first love was basketball ( also have a son like this so I understand).
We discuss possible ideas about basketball from basketball statistics to whatever and then we stumbled on the problem of declining attendance and lack of interest amongst the students.

So the beginnings of an idea for a project... I sent him off to discuss this problem with the basketball coach, our potential client, and when he came back he had lots of ideas. He also came back with a huge list of other approaches to advertising that had not worked.

The key question I asked was "Are you guys any good?"
Of course, the immediate emphatic response was "Yes!"
My next question was "As good as the Nike commercial?"
Answer "Of course!'

And so that was the beginnings of the project. I think the ITGS student and the players, who acted in his video, watched every Nike commercial available to gather ideas for the video.

After the planning stage was finished, the first filming was (in my opinion) a complete disaster ... lack of attention to the storyboard, no regard for lighting and background.
Result... I sent the ITGS student out to redo all of the filming and to get it right!

With lots of care on video editing, effects and timing the music.
Someone pointed out the language in the musicis questionnable - but my ear did not hear it so I never considered that. Good thing to watch out for in modern music. The beat seemed right.

Is it perfect? No, for example the text at the beginning is different than at the end and if my ear had heard any questionnable language, the music would have been re-thought as well. Some educators call this a "teachable moment".

Is it trully memorable project? Yes, the students really enjoyed watching the video on the display screens around the school. Did it raise the attendance at the basketball games? Yes, there seemed to be a rise in the number of people attending the next home game immediately after the video was shown. In retrospect, satistics should have been collected before and after to have conclusive evidence.

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