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Articles for Paper 2

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26 links to news articles that can be used for practicing Paper 2.

Description of article
Links to Other Strands
BBC News
Warning over pupil finger printing. Many schools are fingerprinting pupils without parents' permission'
Strand 1: Privacy
Strand 2. Education & training
New York Times
"Voting test falls victim to hackers"
Strand 1: Security, privacy
Strand 2: Politics & government
Sunday Times
Smart guns with a fingerprint scanner lock the trigger unless it is the registered owner.
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 2: Politics & government
BBC News
'Israel military 'unfriends' soldier after Facebook leak' - soldier reveals upcoming raid on Facebook
Strand 2: Home & Leisure/Politics & government
Phone app helps doctors prescribe drugs
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 2: Health
New York Times
Computerised health trackers at home
Strand 1: Privacy, Reliability
Strand 2: Health
The Atlantic
Prison without walls
Strand 1: Privacy, Surveillance
Strand 2: Politics & government
No more postal deliveries? Swipe cards, PIN codes and SMS text notifications?
Strand 1: Digital divide, Reliability
NSW Govt is compiling database of citizens' facial features which will allow tracking using CCTV
Strand 1: Privacy, Surveillance
USA Today
"Facebook, Twitter 2-way "lifeline" for Haiti"
Following the earthquake in Haiti, Facebook and Twitter have been the only way many people
have been able to communicate
Strand 1: Globalization & cultural diversity
Strand 2: Home & Leisure
Strand 3: Internet
"Google Street view hits privacy gridlock in Germany"
Deals with issues of privacy of people and property.
Strand 1: Privacy
Strand 2: Home & Leisure
Strand 3: Internet
BBC news
"'Tweeting' medics expose patients"
Trainee doctors are gossiping on Facebook and Twitter about their patients and breaching
patient confidentiality.
Stand 1: Privacy
Strand 2: Health
Strand 3: Internet
BBC news
"'Tagging' improves patient safety"
"The wristbands use radio frequency ID (RFID) technology, which can be read via the PDA scanner."
Strand 1: Reliability, Privacy, Policies
Strand 2: Health
Strand 3: Hardware
Sources of articles
Australian IT
BBC click
BBC News
The Guardian
New York Times

Sydney Morning Herald - technology section
Wired News
New Scientist

Choosing an article for a mock Paper 2 exam - some trigger questions

  • Is the main focus of the article a NEGATIVE impact on a stakeholder from the use of an ICT system
  • Is the main focus the benefits of an IT system - then REJECT the article
  • Is the topic included in the syllabus outline? (The topic must relate to ITGS).
  • Is the topic part of the core content? (An article should be relevant for SL as well as HL students)
  • Is this article from a reliable source?
  • Is there a clear issue which can easily be identified?
  • Can the stakeholder(s) be easily identified?
  • Can the IT system be broken down into a series of steps by students?
  • Is there sufficient information about the IT system to guide the students?
  • Is there sufficient scope in the article for students to discuss further impacts, both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, for Criterion C.
  • Does information need to be deleted so students aren't given all the answers?
  • Are there viable solutions to the problem?
  • Is there a suitable graphic that could be included to clarify the technology?
  • Are you using a a range of news sources that focus on different areas of the world?

Do not select:
  • articles that simply address a new technology and describe it
  • interviews, blogs, news releasses on company sites (select only news articles)

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