GUIDELINES for ITGSopedia Page Managers

Developer Tagging System

Thank you for volunteering to moderate a page on ITGSopedia. This is a very important role and will ensure that articles listed are both the most relevant and most up to date.
ITGSopedia is intended to provide 'Only the Best' resources for ITGS for students and teachers.

ITGSopedia also an important step forward in putting the 'G' in ITGS by drawing from a wide range of excellent material from different geographically diverse locations that otherwise may go unnoticed.

The ITGSopedia website is accompanied by a companion website in Spanish TISGopedia and corresponding pages are linked between the two sides so that speakers of both languages can easily navigate between the two sites.

ITGSopedia Page Managers


Page Managers

Please volunteer by entering your name).............

Spanish Page Managers..................

Strand 1

1.1 Reliability and integrity
Alan Kearin [Barbara Stefanics]

1.2 Security
Konrad Konlechner [Barbara Stefanics]

1.3 Privacy and anonymity
Dennis Ross [Barbara Stefanics]

1.4 Intellectual Property

1.5 Authenticity
Alan Kearin {Barbara Stefanics]

1.6 Digital divide and equality of access

1.7 Surveillance
Konrad Konlechner

1.8 Globalization and cultural diversity
Madeleine Brookes

1.9 Policies
Alan Kearin [Barbara Stefanics]

1.10 Standards
Alan Kearin [Barbara Stefanics]

1.11 People and Machines
Alex Braden

1.12 Digital citizenship
Julie Lindsay

Strand 2 - Business and employment

2.1 Traditional businesses
Samar Aad

2.1 Online business (e-commerce)
Samar Aad

2.1 Transportation
Samar Aad

Strand 2 - Education and training

2.2 Distance learning over large areas
David Cousens

2.2 Use of IT in teaching and learning
Thomas Galvez [Barbara Stefanics]

2.2 Hardware and network technologies in the classroom
Madeleine Brookes

2.2 Provision for special needs
Madeleine Brookes

2.2 School administration
Mahmud Shihab

Strand 2 -Environment

2.3 Modelling and simulations
Sandra Stark

2.3 Data logging
Sandra Stark

2.3 Satellite communication
Sandra Stark

2.3 Mapping, virtual globes
Sandra Stark

2.3 E-waste
Sandra Stark

2.3 Resource depletion
Sandra Stark

Strand 2 - Health

2.4 Diagnostic and therapeutic tools
Carol Hancox

2.4 Medical information, administration, marketing and sales
Carol Hancox

2.4 Medical research
Michael Fitzpatrick

2.4 Psychological and physical considerations
Michael Fitzpatrick

Strand 2 - Home and leisure

2.5 Homes and home networks

2.5 Digital entertainment
Arturo Flores

2.5 Social networking
Barbara Stefanics

2.5 Published and broadcast information
Arturo Flores

2.5 Digital policing
Mahmud Shihab

2.5 Hardware, software and networks
Mahmud Shihab

Strand 2 - Politics and government

2.6 Political processes
Alan Perkins

2.6 Government information sites
Alan Perkins

2.6 Access to and updating of personal information
held on government databases
Alan Perkins

2.6 Government control and use of information
Alan Perkins

2.6 Law and order

2.6 Military
Stuart Gray

Strand 3

3.1 Hardware
Stuart Gray

3.2 Software
Stuart Gray

3.3 Networks
David Cousens

3.4 Internet
Eli Bomfim

Eli Bomfim
3.5 Personal and public communications
Barbara Stefanics

3.6 Multimedia & digital media

3.7 Databases
Tammy Earle

3.8 Spreadsheets & modelling and simulations
Tammy Earle

3.9 Introduction to project management
Barbara Stefanics

3.10 IT systems in organizations

3.11 Robotics, artifical intelligence and expert systems..........
Sandra Stark

Eli Bomfim

BIG Ideas
Barbara Stefanics

Barbara Stefanics

Eli Bomfim
Michael Fitzpatrick

Collaboration 'G' is for 'GLOBAL'
Julie Lindsay, Barbara Stefanics

SL Paper 1 and HL Paper 1
Barbara Stefanics

Paper 2
Mike Fitzpatrick

Case study (HL Paper 3) [2012]
Mark Brookes

Extended Essay
Barbara Stefanics
Eli Bomfim
ITGS General Resources
Barbara Stefanics, Sandra Stark......
Eli Bomfim

Roles of users on ITGSopedia

ITGSopedia Administrator
Barbara Stefanics
Manage the overall functioning of the website and related sites/services
Maintain overview of the ITGSopedia services and support ITGSopedia members.
ITGSopedia Moderator
Richard Taylor
Ensure the quality and appropriateness of the articles.
Review entries the wiki and all related services.
Report to the Site Administrator any considerations that need to be addressed.
ITGSopedia Organizers
Elizabeth Schloeffel
Sandra Stark
Julie Lindsay
Betty del Gobbo
Manage the ITGSopedia wiki
Ensure page managers ‘manage their pages’ as required
Suggest new members as appropriate to the ITGSopedia Administrator
Manage the spreadsheet where suggested resources are added
Send out invitation letters to possible page managers
Finalise page contents before launch:
If the page manager tagged ‘all the rest’ and ‘only the best’ once they have been replaced by newer resources, then the Diigo feed would not be duplicating ‘only the best’. (see assumption 4)
Add a final form of this table to the developers page or create a page for administrators only and add it there.
ITGSopedia Page Managers
(see table above)
Members of ITGSopedia and related services Manage a specified page(s)
Manage the page as follows:
  1. Make certain that ‘ONLY THE BEST’ is tagged in Diigo and tag for all topics. ITGSopedia is a collaborative team project.
    Make certain that the tagging system is understood and used by EVERYONE
  2. Page manager looks at resources suggested on the Google spreadsheet and selects ‘only the best’, adding them to the Diigo resources and where appropriate to the 'Only the Best Links' table on the wiki
  3. Page manager deletes all suggested resources for their tag or their page from the Google spreadsheet so the spreadsheet remains manageable for all of the Page Managers
  4. Page manager should tag visual and audio resources in ITGSopedia Diigo and select 'Only the Best Videos and Podcasts' to display on the wiki page with sources properly cited. Copyright use must be checked before displaying.
  5. ITGSopedia Diigo entries are updated as necessary so that excellent resources are tagged.
Periodically check 'My Mail' in wikispaces and the ITGSopedia Ning for Developer/Page Manager information
View the ITGSopedia wiki
Suggest resources
View the ITGSopedia Diigo group
Suggest resources using the online ‘suggest a resource’ Google form

Directions for 'Getting Started'

  1. Please volunteer to moderate a page in the table below listing all of the major pages on ITGSopedia
  2. In addition to ITGSopedia, you must be a member of three additional groups:

Directions for creating and managing your page

  • All of the pages in ITGSopedia have been created from a template.

  • You will need to begin by tagging the best articles and resources for the page that you manage. It is also helpful to the ITGSopedia Team to submit excellent resources ITGSopedia Diigo group for any topic.

  • When you feel that you have a excellent selection of resources, select the top 10 and manually enter them in the table under 'Only the Best Links'. Some Page Managers may decide to have several sections of 'Only the Best Links' tables on their page because they are dealing with topics that have a range of different subtopics. This happens in Strand 2 and also in some of the topics in Strand 3. See the red links in the Tagging System. It is also possible that some links appear in the 'Latest Online Resources' that you have also manually entered the link in 'Only the Best Links'. This is not a problem.

  • NOTE: if you wish to test 'editing', a test page has been setup where you can experiment. If for some reason, your real page does not appear as it should while editing, you can 'cancel' the edit and return to the version before beginning the edit. If you have already saved, you can use the history tab on the page to restore the page to a previous version. Absolutely nothing can go wrong,

  • Some resources will be links to websites that effectively deal with a topic in the Guide. Other resources may be news articles. When selecting news articles for inclusion in the ‘Only the Best’ list, a good starting point for selecting articles is to map them against the topics in the ITGS Guide, the group 3 and ITGS aims (see Guide) and the Learner Profile (see IBO website).

  • The Tags from the ITGSopedia Diigo group for your page can be embedded on your page at the bottom under 'Latest Online Resources' using the directions at the bottom of the Tagging System page. Be certain to set the parameters (text and numbers) as indicated. At the moment only the title will be embedded in the code. In the next Diigo update the description that you enter will also be embedded. This embedded code can be used on the Wikispaces page by clicking EDIT and then the television monitor.

  • It is also important to include visual material on our page. At the top a single image, video or multiple images placed in a table may be used. Please be certain to cite the source. All videos and podcasts must be tagged in ITGSopedia Diigo group using our tagging system.

  • Under the category 'Only the Best Videos and Podcasts' it is important to not only list the link, but also use the embedded code from the source so that the video and podcast actually displays on the page.

  • When you are finished setting-up your first set of tags in ITGSopedia Diigo Groups and have entered 5-10 entries in 'Only the Best Links' table, 1-2 videos/podcasts under 'Only the Best Videos and Podcasts' and have embedded the code to display your tags on your page using the parameters that are specified on the Tagging Page, then please enter 'OK' in the column below beside your name. When we see that all of the pages are basically ready-to-go, we will announce ITGSopedia on the OCC to all ITGS teachers. Target May 1, 2010.

Directions for moderating a the Google spreadsheet from 'Suggest a Resource' form

  1. Teachers, students or other interested persons suggest a resource by submitting it to ITGSopedia using the online form.
  2. The Page Manager looks at resources suggested on Google spreadsheet and decides to:
    • Use the resource and add it to ITGSopedia Diigo groups using the Tagging System which automatically updates the relevant ITGSopedia page. The entry in the Google spreadsheet then needs to be deleted. The Page Manager also has to decide if the addition should also be added to the 'Only the Best Links' Table or "Only the Best Videos and Podcasts'.
    • Does not use the resource and deletes the entry from the Google spreadsheet.
    • For a complete update of both tables, tags them as required on his/her page on Diigo and updates the only the best’, table before deleting all the links from 'latest resources' table.
  3. Page manager deletes all suggested resources from spreadsheet (so the spreadsheet remains manageable) - Barbara please add link to spreadsheet

Directions for identifying additional excellent resources for ITGSopedia

  1. Page manager searches for any linked sites. These may be unmoderated.
    • ITGSNews - a Diigo group set up by Madeline Brownstone for her students
    • ITGS Diigo group organized by Jeff Ratliff
    • Delicious searches for ITGS or relevant topics
  2. Suggested resources from the OCC
  3. Little known excellent source of video lectures from universities is iTunes U on iTunes
  4. Videos: TED (, YouTube ( Caution: Please be careful with sites such as YouTube because when you insert the embedded code into wikispaces, you may find that the video displays undesirable refers to other videos that are not appropriate.

Maintaining your page: static links in the 'Only the Best Links' table

  • Consider both the number and the range of articles that are ‘best of’ (Strand 1 and Strand 3 should have no more than 10 items, Strand 2 may require up to 20 or they may be displayed in several tables indicated by the subtopics in the red links in the Tagging System . Whenever teachers want to see all of the items tagged, they can search the ITGSopedia Diigo group. Tagging is by ITGSopedia membership only, but it is publically viewable.
  • It is recommended that the 'Only the Best Links' table is updated once or twice a year or as needed.
  • Check copyright restrictions before posting multimedia and cite sources.
  • Check ‘my mail’ on Wikispaces and ITGSopedia Ning for communications between the group
  • Periodically check that the link to the resource still exists. If it does not, remove it and try substitute it with a new one.

Maintaining your ITGSopedia page and Diigo tag(s): dynamic links ('Latest Online Resources)

You will periodically need to update the list of latest resources in ITGSopedia Diigo.
This can be done by:
  • ensuring that the list of resources does not exceed a reasonable number
  • outdated material is removed so that even the ITGSopedia Diigo group is also a collection of "Only the Best' even though it is more extensive than ITGSopedia wiki
  • keeping only limited number of appropriate resources in ITGSopedia Diigo for the tag(s) that you are responsible for


Discussions about any of the technical aspects of ITGSopedia, ITGSopedia Diigo Group, Google Spreadsheet for Submitting a Resource to the ITGS Wiki, will be posted in the future to the ITGSopedia Page Managers group on the IB Virtual Commnity. This will streamline communication and keep everyone informed about developments.

Update your details:

If you have any suggestions to offer or questions regarding the over functioning of ITGSopedia, you can always use the 'My Mail' feature in wikispaces or email the Site Administrator who invited you to join ITGSopedia who will promptly get back to you.

Acceptable Use Policy [to be developed]


Page Manager: Barbara Stefanics