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Hi, I’m Cozmo, your child’s new AI robot toy – but am I ethical?
A robot that befriends children raises concerns over how youngsters will interact with technology – and if they’ll find the boundaries with living things confusing.
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My Friend Cayla PartyTime Commercial

"My Friend Cayla PartyTime is a beautiful 18-inch interactive fashion doll that offers hours of imaginative play. Cayla can understand and respond to your child in real-time about almost anything. She can tell stories, play games, share photos from her photo album and can sing too. With new MyTouch Technology, Cayla can even magically recognize and talk about her accessories — no smart device needed. Just place an accessory in her hand and Cayla will amaze you with what she knows!"

This Toy is Spying on and Recording Kids

My Friend Cayla and i-Que intelligent robot listen to kids and really respond! ...but also send data away to a seperate company with law enforcement agencies and may be breaking childrens' data protection laws. Kim Horcher and Grant Imahara break it down.

"Two talking dolls made by the company Genesis Toys may be eavesdropping on your family.

On Dec. 6, a coalition of international consumer watchdog groups filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. The complaint alleges that the dolls My Friend Cayla and i-Que Intelligent Robot, which use speech-recognition software to have conversations with kids, are using this technology to record their personal information. The coalition also claims this is happening without parents’ knowledge or consent and is potentially violating laws that protect children’s privacy."*


Hackers are able to unlock your front door with the help of a child's doll in a shocking demonstration of how vulnerable cyber security can be at your home.

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