Cobb Publishing and e-books (View/Join ITGSopedia Case Study 2014)

The ITGS (HL) Case Study 2014 is focused on a traditional publishing company, Cobb Publishing, that is investigating publishing e-books. This site has been created to collect the best resources related to Case Study 2014.

The case study requires both:

  • secondary research (i.e. magazine articles, websites and online information, academic studies, and in general the writings and findings of others)

  • primary investigation and research (i.e. handson investigations, interviews with stakeholders who are similar to those in the case study or are knowledgeable about the topics in the case study, visits to publishers that product printed books and.or e-books)

Sources must be cited on Paper 3 wherever possible.

Why book publishing isn't dead... yet

E-Books or Print Books

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Creating eBooks

iBook Textbooks for iPad
Ways iBook is used to create a range of media in e-Book textbooks

Review of Publishing companies

Online book reviews
Site reviews the different companies that allow publishing online. Uses a number of different metrics to review. Also looks at the "why" publish online.

Self Publishing Sites

Smile Books
This site is an example of the many that have popped up in recent times that allow people to take their digital images and self publish a variety of publications. It includes:
  • a downloadable client software (good for analysing help menus and usability across demographics)
  • payment facilities (to look at security of payment)
  • additional services (for those who would like the work to be done for them)

Lulu Self Publishing
Another site that lets you look at self publishing. It includes:
  • publishing in different formats
  • community and forums
  • professional services
  • online support
  • content ownership

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E-Book vs Book

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