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Wiki focused on the Case Study 2012
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Developing and Running an Online Business
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Wiki focused on the Case Study 2011
Class wiki containing useful activities to discuss Case Study 2011
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Online ICT dictionary to help in defining case study terms
A series of videos showing how online businesses can make money

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London theatre
This is an online booking system for different plays, attractions and shows happening in the UK. With interesting offers.
Theatre Monkey
Same as the above link. So should be a competitor. But is it?
An online booking website with competitive prices
Cirque du soleil
An online booking link for one of the best circus in the world
How online bookings work
An article explaining the process in online booking
osConcert visual online seating reservation software
software for managing seating and selling tickets easily.
Secured Online Direct Reservation System
Hotel Le Manoir Bogota Launches New Reservation System
Giving credit card information online can be risky, Hotel Le Manoir decides to launch a new integrated reservation system to ensure guests information will be kept safe. Article describes steps
Charged Twice For Same Hotel Room
Women Gets Charged Twice For Same Hotel Room

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Case Study 2012
34 Understanding online booking systems

Case Study 2012
In Ticketing: Intro to our Ticketing Services

Case Study 2012 Tickets@Phone Mobile Ticketing

Case Study 2012
osConcert Visual Seat Reservation Software - Overview 2010

Case Study 2011
Interesting video which discusses the challenges faced with the
online business and how to make an online business successful

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