Accessing News Articles

News Articles in Diigo and Facebook

On the main Paper 2 pager there is a list of 26 articles for use as mock Paper 2 exams (they should be modified to remove extra information and to insert information that will help students to answer the various criteria).

There are three sources of excellent ITGS news articles (and resources):

Facebook ITGSopedia group which only focuses on news articles. Please join.

**Facebook ITGSopedia Case Study 2014** which is focused on resources for the case study. Please join.

At the bottom of each topic in ITGSopedia wiki (, there is a list of current news articles. The articles are being tagged in the Diigo Group ITGSopedia with the most recent automatically displayed on the ITGSopedia page.

How can you see all of the news articles that have been tagged for a particular topic?

Diigo Group ITGSopedia is actually a database of news articles that has been setup using a tagging system based on the topics in the syllabus. By setting up the global tagging system at it is possible to seach for any section of the ITGS Guide. For example, 1.3 Privacy and anonymity in the Diigo Group ITGSopedia is found by searching for 1.3_privacy_anonymity.

How can articles be added to ITGSopedia?

Any relevant articles that are cited on OCC ITGS discussion forum (ITGS teachers only) or Facebook ITGSopedia (anyone) are tagged in the Diigo ITGSopedia group. They will also appear in the listing at the bottom of the pages on the ITGSopedia wiki until more recent articles are added to the topic.

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