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Spreadsheet Basics
This site by "BBC-GCSE Bitesize" covers the basics about spreadsheets which includes simple formulas, charts and graphs.

Web-based Spreadsheets
This article discusses the implications of an online spreadsheet accessible to mutiple users at a time.

Military Vehicle Simulations
This website discusses how simulators use sophisticated computer models to replicate a vehicle's capabilities and limitations.

Predicting Terrorist Attacks
Several computer-based models suggested to help fight against future terrorist attacks.

Using computers the predict a weather forecast
Within several hours, having performed trillions of mathematical computations, a model can produce a simulation of the weather for up to 15 days into the future
Strand 2: Modeling simulations

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From ballet shoes to human tissue, printing ideas into 3-D reality
(PBS NewsHour)

3D printed cars a reality? Take a ride in one...
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Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity

Printing a bicycle with a 3D printer

Print Your Own Flute (3D Printing)

Modeling & Simulations 101

SimTV - The Modeling & Simulation Channel

Red Bull F1 Simulator

The Red Bull Formel I Racing Team uses a simulator
to train its drivers. Experience the simulator in this video.

Additional Videos
Animation - Building a Formel I Car

Driving Red Bull's rFactor Pro Simulator

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