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"Cellphone users beware"

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Cellphones are dangerous/not dangerous, hearing loss edition

Strand 3: Medical research
Africa: "In countries that don't have many landlines or computers,
cell phones are taking over – countries are moving from having no
communications infrastructure to complete connectedness via cell phone."
How cellphones work
Strand 3: Hardware, software, networks
How cellphones work
Strand 3: Hardware, software, networks
Onboard Systems


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Mobile phone usage explodes in Africa, spurring innovation (PBS NewsHour - video and transcript)

Bordeaux's digital drive to get citizens online
Bordeaux in France is a digital city trying to get all of its population online with QR codes.
NFC - The tech that could replace your wallet
"Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables credit cards and other devices to open doors or make payments just by waving them in front of you."

Tapping your cell phone

Inside Story - Banning BlackBerry

UAE Says BlackBerry Ban Will Affect Visitors Too

Google Maps Cell Phone Tracking By SMS

Google Maps Locate a Mobile Phone anywhere in the World

Mobile Cell Phone Number Tracking Tracing

60 Minutes Facebook Story Part 1 of 2

60 Minutes Facebook Story Part 2 of 2

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