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Linux Flunks High School
An interesting case study which looks at the cost of switching from Windows to Mac or Linux machines in a school. Provides good examples of the real world costs of IT, as well as other issues such as software availability and training.
Strand 2: Education: HW in classroom
Strand 3: Hardware
BBC Bitesize: Software
Revision notes on hardware, software, and networks basics. Designed for GCSE but a useful first step for students who have limited technical experience.

TeachICT: Software
Page that covers types of software, operating systems, and utilities. Designed for GCSE but useful for students who need to learn the technical basics.

Case Studies: Open Source Schools
Four case studies of schools that have converted to open source software. Good coverage of the software being used as well as the effects on the students, teachers, and IT staff.
Strand 2: Education
Intel faces challenges in Windows 7 Migration
An article detailing Intel's planned migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. Covers many pertinent points including 64-bit computing, legacy application compatibility, issues with new OS security features, and so on. A good insight into the problems faced in real life organizations during large-scale roll-outs.
Strand 2: IT Systems in Organizations
Strand 3: Hardware
An Investigation into the Therac-25 accidents
A detailed study of the Therac-25 radiation overdose accidents. Rare but easily avoided software bugs in the Therac-25 cancer treatment machine caused six accidents and three deaths. Additionally, many of the stakeholders contributed to the problem through their action or inaction. The fact that the machine was in service for 3 years without error, yet then killed 3 people in two years, gives an interesting insight into how we define "reliable".

However, this is a clear reminder of the importance of getting software right.
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 2: Health
Best free online applications and services
A range of free software that may be suitable for classroom and developing the Project
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 2: Education
Strand 3: Intro to Project Management
BSA Global Piracy Study
Seventh Annual BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study

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Computer Software in Plain English
A clear description of the software inside a typical computer. Useful for students with little previous IT experience.
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