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Hillary Clinton PAC spends millions on ‘correcting’ her critics on social media
INteresting to see how politicians are now looking to subvert social media and correct its messages. A PAC that has reportedly received million dollars in funding is pledging to increase its fight against those who personally attack Clinton and her superdelegates on social media. Correct the Record, as it is known, has created a task force to aid the Democrat primary hopeful’s online supporter base and “push back” against the online harassment being thrown at Clinton.

The first Snapchat election: how Bernie and Hillary are targeting the youth vote
Elections around again - and politicians have moved onto the latest forms of social media in the US. Interesting whether their is a belief this will affect the outcome or simply confuse the outcome.

Twitter in Greece Crisis - How the Greek Government under Tsipras is tweeting their way to popularity...
Great article showing how the use of twitter buy actual party members of Syriza is having a transparent and popular affect on Eurozone negotiations.

The social worm that can lead to electoral success?
In the UK recent elections - social media was used to gauge voters reactions to individual comments during the leaders debates.

" We want to tell the story of the Egyptian revolution with the same tools that
helped share it with the world in realtime. We want #18DaysInEgypt to be a
crowd-sourced interactive documentary of the events in Egypt from #Jan25 to

Facebook group setup to get a Political Group into Office
During the latest UK election - a Facebook group was setup to support
a political party called the Liberal Democrats into Power. This group had
similar success getting a particular record to the top of the UK charts.

A website setup to publicise Political Ideas
38 degrees is a website for asking for political action, and through a clever
IT System allows UK residents to send an email immediately to their local
Mashable Article on Hugo Chavez's Twitter Account
Is this Hugo Chavez's Twitter Account or a Fake?
Hugo Chavez and his use of Twitter - does he really tweet?
Government MP's are sacked for using Twitter to offend.
When the use of Twitter backfires on political candidates.
People and Machines
Obama on socialized Media
Video from Obama on socialized Media and its effect on political processes.

Youtube and Parliament
Great article about Government processes and how they do not fit with a
Youtube generation

Crowdsourcing Government in Finland
"Case in point: Finland now allows citizens to propose new laws online,
and if an initiative gathers enough votes, the government must vote on it."
People and Machines,
Digital Citizenship
Microtargeting of US Political campaign begins to really worry voters
"But one call she got on Halloween still haunts her. It was a recorded
message read by a presidential candidate trying to get her to vote.
"It was Mitt Romney saying, 'I know you have an absentee ballot and
I know you haven't sent it in yet,' " Trulen said in an interview. "That
just sent me over the line. Not only is it like Big Brother. It is Big Brother.
It's down to where they know I have a ballot and I haven't sent it in! I
thought when I requested the ballot that the only other entity that would
know was the Mukwonago clerk.""

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Can Evoting be reliable and secure?

Another good TED talk where the leader of a
political party discusses how Technology will lead to less centralised power
and more power be given to the people.

Politics 2.0 - and more regarding giving power to the people. Does Twitter and
Social Media really give back the power discussed above?

Clay Shirky's TED talk was one of the first to link social media
including Twitter with a new movement to end top down control
of news and so change the nature of politics itself.

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