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Simulators Prepare Soldiers for Explosions of War
Good overview of military use of simulations and computer game software. Lots of specific examples, can stimulate further research.
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 2: Education and Training
Strand 3: Models and simulations
How Virtual Reality Military Applications Work
Good detail on military simulators - from the ground to the air.
Strand 3: Models and Simulations
Real Lessons from the Virtual Battlefield
The use of virtual reality applications to train soldiers heading to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Strand 3: Models and simulations
Insurgents 'hack into feeds from US drones'
BBC article about insurgent's apparent ability to tap into the video feeds sent by the Predator and Reaper drones. Apparently nobody thought to encrypt the feeds.
Strand 1: Security
Wired for War
This website accompanies the book of the same title, a must read for ITGS teachers.
The website includes lots of videos of robots in action, images of robots with detailed captions, videos of the author's appearances including a TED conference, a classroom discussion guide, and lots of information about the book including a lengthy excerpt. First rate material. Goes beyond robotics with excellent explanations of the technology.
Strand 3: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

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The Rise of the DARPA machines

Overview of Department of Defense's strategic plan for the use of robotics for a range of humanitarian and military purposes.

Military Robots (GOOD Magazine)
Seven short videos covering the past, present, and future of robots in the military. Part 2 and afterwards are better than Part 1 (this link).

The videos do take a slightly light-hearted look at this serious topic, which some people might not like.

Innovators: The Future of Robotic Warfare

Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
The cyberworld is the 'fifth dimension of warfare' along with land, sea, air and space.
Waging War - The Changing Nature of War in the 21st Century
Interesting videos about the military use of simulations in training, and also the use of remote drones and robots.
Link (media not embeddable)
Army of the Future: Russian combat Robots
The US has military robots and unmanned aircraft in Afghanistan. Russia is also buidling "killer robots" for the battlefield.

DARPA Drones and Robots

Attack of the Drones - USA

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