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Censorship, data matching across agencies, archiving, biometric data, national identity cards.

Hope X: You've lost privacy, now they're taking anonymity.

2:38:21 - long scary insight into your privacy and anonymity


Iran and the Twitter Revolution -
CC Licensed Image from Glennlist

How NSA betrayed the world's trust... time to act

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Social Media and Fake news in the US Election 2016
Excellent detailed but easy to understand peer reviewed paper on Fake News how it comes about and affected the 2016 US Election and brought Trump to power!

How are political parties targeting you on facebook?
Good article questioning targeted ads and Facebook in upcoming 2017 UK Election.

Hillary Clinton and the importance of Internet Freedom
"It seemed that this kind of speech would be supported by bloggers all over the world. Surprisingly,
Russian bloggers and, not surprisingly, Russian media were mostly skeptical about Clinton's speech.
Article titles vividly illustrate the framing of the address: “Top-Level Trolling: U.S. Government Plans
To Enlighten Russian Citizens Via Twitter” (Vzglyad [RUS]), “Strategic Twitter Offensive: the U.S.
Claims Authority Over Defending Free Internet All Over the World” ( [RUS]), “Enemy
Voices In 140 Symbols” ( [RUS]) ."

Google Government Take Down Requests
Google website which mashups a map showing the number of requests different
governments have placed to remove content from their servers.

Global Voices Map Mashup of Access Denied
Great mashup but focusing on Web 2.0 censorship within countries.

Web Censorship Weblog
Up to date news about government censorship around the world.

The wiki tool that is used to break stories related to censorship and
freedom of information - uses sophisticated technology to mask its authors.

Syria and Citizen Journalism - Bypasses Censorship
Recent Syran Uprsings show power of online streaming media to enable to outside world to see issues
within regimes.

Wired for Repression
"Wired for Repression" exposes how Western companies provide surveillance systems to authoritarian countries such as Iran, Syria, Bahrain and Tunisia. The technology allows authorities to intercept their citizens' e-mails and text messages, monitor Internet activity and locate political targets through cell phone technology. Government officials can use such information to locate, arrest and torture persons opposing the government. Reports and six videos included on the website.

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How has technology affected the riots in England?
"Following the riots in England, text messaging and social networks such as Twitter could be turned off during disturbances - under plans being considered by the government. Spencer Kelly examines whether BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter and Facebook can be blamed for the trouble and if it would be possible to silence them."
(also relates to TOK)
The e-G8 forum: Can governments regulate the web?
Egypt's Facebook Face Off - Turning off the Internet Did It Work?

Fabulous TED Video - showing Evgeny Morozov discussing "iPod liberalism"
and the idea that tech innovation always promotes freedom, democracy --
with scary examples of how the web can help to oppress people.

Twittering and Iran

Government Web-Tracking

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