STRAND 2: Politics and government > Access to, and updating of, personal information held on government databases

Collection, storage and updating of personal data: for example, driving licence, TV licence, tax returns, passport applications and renewals, medical records, military service records, social security information, online police records.

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Reliability of Centralised Databases Data
GIGO can have real affects on your everyday life.

The Case Against Centralisation
"In the 1950s, computer makers pioneered information collection and
retention systems, otherwise known as "databases." Databases make
information instantly accessible and have sparked a revolution in the
business world, increasing productivity and profitability. This
technology also revolutionized the way government does business,
but with dubious results. Across the globe, governments are moving
to create centralized databases containing sensitive, personal information.
As usual, they have failed to learn from mistakes of both the past and the present.

Online Crime Statistics with Mashup
Online police statistics - visualised using an open API to produce a
Google Mashup Map of your local area - similar applications are
now on Smartphones including AreYouSafe.

DNA Database and Privacy and Security
The largest DNA database in the worl which is continually expanding
is this an infringement on Human rights or a correct way to securely
store data to solve crimes.

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India Organizes One of Largest Citizen Registration Drives Ever to Issue IDs

"Indian authorities aim to issue all national citizens an official

biometric identification card and number in order to combat crime and corruption."

Watch India Organizes One of Largest ID Registration Drives Ever on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Is Facebook the best centralised database system

that could be invented for government organisations like the CIA?

Staff could undermine the security of centralised databases - great video explaining the issues.

Agent Praises Killing Of Freedom For Total Surveillance - scary news broadcast.

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