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Da Vinci System Robotic Surgery

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Wii warm up for surgeons

Playing computer games such as the Nintendo Wii can improve a surgeon's performance in the operating theatre, a US study shows.
Strand 2: Surgery
Robotic Surgery
How Robotic Surgery Works: An overview of how it works, with some embedded animation clips
Strand 2: Surgery
Strand 3: Robotics
UK Hospital pioneers robotic surgery
Centre pioneers robotic surgery in the UK. A recent article as an example of who is using robotic surgery
Strand 2: Surgery
Strand 3: Robotics
bionic arm
A man who lost both of his arms in an accident is getting some high-tech help with an innovative artificial limb that controls movements by thought.
Strand 2: Prosthetic limbs
Example of technology used: PillCam Used to find the source of internal bleeding. The capsule includes a camera, chip and light. The information is then downloaded to a computer from the strap device.
Strand 2: Diagnostic technology
Hospitals do away with x-ray films and replace them with Picture Archive Communication System
Strand 2: Diagnostic technology
Phones for diagnostics
May 2008, Doctors use mobile phones to take diagnostic pictures
Strand 2: Diagnostic technology
Strand 3: Mobile Phones
Robotic Doctor

Robot doctor gets thumbs-up from patients. Half of those surveyed prefer virtual visit by their own physician to real visit by unfamiliar doctor

Strand 2: Patient Monitoring
Strand 3: Robotics
Wireless monitoring tools
Monitoring your Health online: Enabling proactive patient care through wireless health devices and advanced analytics.
Strand 2: Patient Monitoring
Strand 3: Networks
RFID wristbands
RFID Tags to Track hospital patients Hospital patients are used to wearing wristbands. But now those bands have gone high-tech.
Strand 2: Patient Monitoring
PenFriend. New Audio tags to provide information for blind people. The visually impaired can create their own audio tags
Strand 2: IT solutions for disabled people, accessibility
Text for Visually impaired
Mobile Phone reads text to the blind
Strand 2: IT solutions for disabled people, accessibility
Strand 3: Mobile Phones
2007, Technology that translates the written word to British Sign Language (BSL). SiSi (say it sign it) uses speech recognition to animate an aviator. Will allow for automatic signing e.g. for meetings, TV programs.
Strand 2: IT solutions for disabled people, accessibility
For all diagnostic tools in health, students can consider the following social impacts and considerations:
Strand 1: Reliability, Integrity, security, Privacy & Anonymity, Digital Divide & Equality of Access, Policies & People & Machines

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Apple - Making a difference. One app at a time.

Da Vinci Robotic System .....................................
Watch this video showing how the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System allows doctors to perform bypass surgery without opening the chest cavity and using only four incisions in the chest. Doctors are now able to perform a totally endoscopic robotic bypass procedure.
Da Vinci Introduction

Prosthetic devices
A new surgical technique, developed by scientists at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, allows patients who have lost arms to use residual nerve signals to control a prosthetic limb. This video shows three patients testing a prototype limb being developed by DARPA. The patients can perform complex tasks, including picking up a cup, grasping a cracker without breaking it, and putting a spoon in a cup.
Brain-computer interfaces

Hospitals do away with x-ray films and replace them with Picture Archive Communication System (cannot embed – has been disabled)
Patient Monitoring
Monitoring of patients in the home. Visit the website to download the video clip

Anders Ynnerman: Visualizing the Medical Data Explosion

"Legendary film critic Roger Ebert recruited some of his friends to speak for him: Dr. Dean Ornish, John Hunter, and his wife Chaz. 'Computer voices are not very sophisticated, but with my computer I can communicate more widely than ever before.' " TED2011
Photos on Flickr from the event. Video will be posted as soon as it is available.

Born to be Viral: Watch a surgical robot peel a grape
and the Article

Memorial Sloan-Kettering and IBM Watson to Advance Cancer Care
"The initiative will combine the computational power of IBM Watson and its natural language processing ability with MSKCC’s clinical knowledge, existing molecular and genomic data and vast repository of cancer case histories, in order to create an outcome and evidence-based decision support system."

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