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Whale Net
Whale Net - an interactive educational website, offers a satellite tracking program and activities
for students, explains how to interpret the data. Has link to the Argos site which explains how the IT works.
Lots of useful material on this subject.
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Satellite Basics
Commercial site (Intelsat) but good explanation of how satellite systems work with clear illustrations.

Sensors in Smart Phones
The technology hasn't been implemented yet, but the article describes sensors and explains creative uses of them.

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Interactive Weather Satellite Images

A NASA site. This link takes you to the explanation.
To see the images, click on Geostationary Satellite Weather Images.
Click on an image on the website and then check out usage tips.
Available in Spanish.
Global Positioning System

NASA video on how GPS works. Basic overview with some good visuals,
about three and a half minutes.

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