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Guide to Geographic Information Systems
Create by a GIS software developer, but has excellent explanations of how GIS works,
case studies of applications, and education links.
3.7 Databases
Make a Map
Create your own GIS maps.

GPS Tutorial
Downloadable tutorial for Windows. Website itself has a tutorial with animations.
2.5 Personal and public communication
My World GIS
My World GIS is a Geographic Information System designed specifically for use in educational settings. Allows learners to explore and analyze geographic data. Audience=middle schools through college geosciences and geography courses, combines the power of a full-featured GIS environment with the support and structure require by novice users. There's a 45 day free trial.

GPS Over-relian Driving Us toward Catastrophe
The headline is a bit heated, but the problem is real and the explanations are good. Relatively short article that outlines our reliance on GPS technology and its vulnerabilities.

Thousands of Germans Opt out of Google Street View
Raises privacy questions and their relationship to culture.

'Only the Best' Videos and Podcasts

Animated movie about how GPS + Glonass
Technolgy works. Basic overview for how GPS
technology is utilized in the field

Geographic Information System (GIS) software uses the power of geography,
spatial location to gather, analyze, and visualize vast amounts of information.
See how this innovative technology can be used to investigate the fascinating lands of Asia.

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