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What is a Data Logger?
Explains how data logging works, good visuals, step-by-step explanation. Lots of technical vocabulary but you can adapt it easily for students. Commercial site but very useful.

This is another commercial site so they're advertising their products, but the case studies do illustrate uses of data logging. They could be the basis of a very useful lesson on data logging.
3.3 Networks
Sensor Network Protects Tassie Oyster Harvest
Excellent example of practical use of sensors and data logging.

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August 13, 2009—NASA helicopters have lowered about a dozen
monitoring "spiders" in and around Mount St. Helens's volcanic
crater to better predict major eruptions.

December 10, 2009—Nearly 500 miles of data-transmitting cable will
make Neptune Canada's new Pacific Ocean observatory the largest
of its kind. Underwater cameras will also capture seafloor wildlife.

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