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Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0
Podcasting for Kids


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Horizon Report 2011
Horizon Report 2010
Emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching,
learning, or creative expression
Strand 1: policies, standards
Strand 3: range of IT techologies used in education
Can Gaming Change Education

New research on gaming design and brain plasticity offers
more perspectives on educational gaming
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Podcast: It's in Your Pocket! Cellphones in Education

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Harness your students' digital smarts
Innovative teacher Vicki Davis leverages wikis, blogs, digital storytelling,
podcasts, virtual worlds, and other digital tools to connect students in
rural Georgia to the world.

Future of Learning; How Technology is Transforming Publlic Schools: Abel Real

Lessons from Maine's 1-1 Laptop Initiative

In 2002, the state of Maine equipped every middle-school student

with a computer.Today the Angus King who launched the program

underscores the importance of supporting technology initiatives

with teacher development.

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