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A photo series from Carla Gomez Monroy in the capital of Mongolia; Ulaanbaatar. OLPC is currently deploying 20,000 laptops to Mongolia.

Students enjoying a healthy ITGS debate "PC or Mac?"
Students enjoying a healthy ITGS debate "PC or Mac?"

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Norway tests laptop exam scheme
About 6,000 students in Norway are doing exams on their laptops in a trial that could soon be rolled out across the country.
Strand 1: Authenticity, equality of access.
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One Laptop Per Child reaches Gaza Strip
The UN in the Gaza Strip has begun distributing thousands of laptop computers to children in its schools.
The rugged laptops are made by the non-profit organisation One Laptop Per Child, which aims to give a computer to every child in the developing world.
Strand 1: Equality of access
Strand 3: Hardware

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April 29, 2010 — Built to move the way kids do, the new Intel-powered convertible classmate PC features a touch-screen with a user interface optimized for eReading applications, water-resistant keyboard, touchpad and screen, improved ruggedness with drop test from desk height, bump and scratch resistance surfaces and structures, and an optional anti-microbial keyboard. In tablet mode, the "palm rejection" feature ignores the touch of hands resting on the screen, allowing students to write and draw intuitively. In addition to being powered by the power-efficient Intel Atom processor, the new classmate PC features a rechargeable battery with up to 8.5 hours1 of battery life so students and teachers don't have to worry about plugging in. It also includes integrated wireless connectivity with WiFi and provides the options of 3G, GPS and WiMAX for easy network and Internet connections.

This is a competitor for Apple's iPad

simplecoat March 26, 2007 — This is the story of the litte green laptop that could. Meet the faces behind the One Laptop per Child initiative and see what they do every day in the Cambridge, MA office. Sit in on a brainstorming session. And find out what you can do to help.

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