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"Airline reservation systems, navigation, package tracking, traffic control systems, IT systems in cars." [ITGS Guide: exams 2012, pg 23]


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Driverless car
Sydney Morning Herald: 'Take it easy, driver, McGoogles at the wheel'
Strand 1: Reliability
Self-drive car
BBC News: Google gets Nevada driving licence for self-drive car
Strand 1: Reliability
Air traffic control
Ars technica 'The Science and technology of air traffic control' - explanation of technology present and some discussion of future
Strand 1: Reliability
BBC Click on line
"How tech can find the cause of car crashes". An excellent video showing technology monitoring drivers and providing information in the case of accidents.
Strand 3:
Modelling, simulations
The Register
'Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash'
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand3: Software
Would you pay for a good parking spot
Smart Planet: "Parking Auction, a New York City-based start-up,has developed a mobile web application that allows drivers who are leaving a parking space to connect with those
looking for a spot in a particular area - for a price."
Strand 3: Internet
The smarter city
IBM: Links to case studies, simulations, information about smart traffic
Strand 3: simulations
Inflight internet
Australian Business Traveller: Singapore airlines to launch inflight Internet in May
Strand 3: Internet
How smarter parking technology will reduce traffic congestion
"The city of Los Angeles recently installed low-power sensors and smart meters to track the occupancy of parking spaces... The smart meters ...allow users to pay with their mobile phones in addition to communicating payment information to the city...the city is able to change pricing on its parking depending on demand ...The information also alerts enforcement officials about expired parking meters or other parking violations and reduces the time they spend driving in circles."
Strand 3: Personal & public communications
Researchers show how a car's electronics can be taken over remotely
New York Times: "Because many of today’s cars contain cellular connections and Bluetooth wireless technology, it is possible for a hacker, working from a remote location, to take control of various features — like the car locks and brakes — as well as to track the vehicle’s location, eavesdrop on its cabin and steal vehicle data"
Strand 1: Security
Strand 3: Networks
Pursuing cars that won't be outdated
New York Times: "Upgradeable means being able to cull diagnostic information from a vehicle through, say, a satellite link, or having the ability to reprogram a transmission controller or recalibrate the braking system while the car is parked in your driveway."
Strand 1: Reliability, Security
Top 10 high tech car safety technologies
Strand 1:Reliability
Strand 3: Hardware, Software
Intelligent car initiative
Includes a variety of technologies,with videos & quiz
Strand 3: Hardware, Networks
On-line reservations
Qantas on-line plane reservations.
Frequent flyer program.
On-line bookings
Strand 1: Security, Privacy, Policies
Strand 3: Internet, Databases
How computers took over our cars
BBC news. Includes excellent graphic depicting the many electronic systems in cars.
Raises issues of reliability and reliance on technology.
Strand 1: Reliability
Strand 3: Hardware
Need a cab?
New York Times: 90 million taxi trips have been tracked using GPS. This data can be used with smart phones allowing users to locate the ideal corner to catch a cab.
Strand 2: Environment
Stand 3: Personal & public communications
Hack attack mounted on car system
"The researchers showed how to kill a car engine remotely, turn off the brakes so the car would not stop and make instruments give false readings. "
Strand 1: Security
Strand 3: Hardware, Software, Networks

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"Brooklyn-based Roadify, for instance, awards users with “StreetCARma points” for spotting parking spots for the community.
Users enter the address of a spot that they are about to leave or one that they happen to walk by.
Other users nearby will see that spot on the app if they search the area." Read the article
Ted TALKS: Dennis Hong - making a car for blind drivers
"Using robotics, laser rangefinders, GPS and smart feedback tools,
Dennis Hong is building a car for drivers who are blind"

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