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Australia's central bank targeted by hackers
Australia's central bank has confirmed that it has been targeted by hackers.
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) said it had "on occasion been the target of cyber attacks", following a report in an Australian newspaper.
The report documented hacking incidents dating back to 2011, including malware embedded in emails.
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New Bank Has No Branches, Just an App — And Thinks You’ll Volunteer to Pay for It

Green Dot’s GoBank, announced this week in San Francisco, attempts to push mobile banking forward by making banking mobile-only. And the company seems to believe the GoBank app will delight account holders so much that they will voluntarily pay for the privilege of using it.
Strand 1: Reliability
Starnd 2: Security
ATM scams
You see automatic teller machines everywhere. Convenient stores, fast-food chains, department stores, gas stations and even nail spas have machines inside. ATM theft is a big problem, though.
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Banking Technology
US bank USAA Bank has adopted a mobile virtual assistant called Nina, developed by Nuance Communications, which lets customers interact with their bank account in novel ways that simulate a conversation with a real human.
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Strand: People and machine
Wi-Fi hackings a warning to wireless users, businesses. Not just applicable to businesses. Hacking via 'wardriving' with security tips for businesses
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Yahoo! News
'Employers look to Facebook for job recruits'
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Strand 1: Digital citizenship
EFT simulation
Strand 3: Modelling & simulations
BBC News
'Technology of business' - technology in a variety of business situations
Strand 3: Internet
New York Times
'Maybe your old credit card is smart enough' ...'the network supplies the smarts'
Strand 2: hardware, networks
Courier Mail
"Omo GPS stunt opens doors for marketers"
Omo with GPS tracks purchaser home. Purchaser gets a prize but does (s)he lose privacy?

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Strand 2: hardware, networks
Australian IT
"Smartphones all the rage, says St George"
Smart phone apps are allowing customers to conduct more than 280,000 financial [banking] transactions/month.
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Strand 3: Personal & public communications
"Electronic brain helps cut credit card fraud".
Using AI and knowing your past spending habits a prediction is made about the likelihood of a transaction being legitimate.
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Strand 3: AI
Nine MSN
"Smart packaging on the horizon"
"Smartphones could direct shoppers to the exact in-store location of what they seek, told when an item is out of stock, or even pointed to alternatives based on their pre-set "profile".
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Strand 3: Personal & public communications
Bank SA
Types of fraud. Descriptions of various scams/frauds
Strand 1: Security
Strand 3: Networks, Internet
RBC Royal Bank
Royal Bank of Canada online services and security and privacy policies;
Strand 1: Reliability, Security, Privacy, Policies
Strand 3: Networks, Internet, Databases, IT systems in organizations
Bank South Australia online demos
Strand 1: Reliability, Security, Privacy, Policies
Strand 3: Networks, Internet, Databases, IT systems in organizations
Supermarket of the future
BBC news - a video of a IT in a 'supermarket of the future' in Germany
Strand 3: Hardware, Networks, Databases

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