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"Working practices such as teleworking and home working." [ITGS Guide: exams 2012, pg 23]

Working at home

Virtual grocery

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Twitter Lurches Toward Social E-Commerce

American Express announced it will let people buy things by tweeting. It’s an awkward, unfamiliar system Amex has constructed, in partnership with Twitter, but maybe the two companies are on to something.
Strand 1: Security
Strand 3: Internet
Digital shopping receipts and loyalty rewards using a smart phone
Strand 3:Personal & public communications
BBC News
Police crackdown on fake shopping sites
Strand 1: Authenticity
BBC News
Shopping by phone at South Korea's virtual grocery
Strand 3:Personal & public communications
TemplateMonster Blog
E-Commerce graphic
Strand 3: Internet
BBC Click online
'Technology allows digital nomads to work anywhere'
Strand 3: Internet
Benefits and drawbacks of teleworking for employers and employees
Strand 3: Internet
'Letter From Britain: Secrets of the Ads That ‘Stalk’ You'
Strand 1: Privacy
New York Times
"Seeing That Ad on Every Site? You're Right. It's Tracking You."
Targetted advertising tracks online shoppers.
Strand 1: Privacy
Strand 3: Internet
New York Times
"Shoppers who can't have secrets"
Strand 1: Privacy
Strand 3:
Online bookstore.
Investigate digital books, Booklovers, shopping cart, on-line help, privacy & security policies.
Strand 1: Security, Privacy, Policies
Strand 3: Internet ................................
Roger Clarke'seBusiness
home page
The site includes a large number of papers on all aspects of e-commerce including the
technology and important security issues.
Strand 1: Security, Policies
Strand 2: Internet
Online Cybersafety
Tips for safe online shopping
Strand 1: Security, Privacy, Authenticity
Strand 3: Internet
Letter from Britain
Wired: Letter from Britain: secrets of the ads that stalk you
Strand 1: Privacy
Strand 3: Internet
Shoppers who can't have secrets
New York Times: surveillance techniques - better deals or invasion of privacy?
Strand 1: Privacy, Surveillance

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