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See the ITGS Guide p. 21 for details regarding Strand 1 Social/ethical significance and 1.8 Globalization and cultural diversity.

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Buying a goat online....this ecommerce site is a great example of enterprise in developing countries.

"EthioGift provides the fastest and most reliable gift delivery service in Addis Ababa. Remember your familly and friends backhome on holidays (such as Fasika, New Year, Genna etc.) as well as on important private occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc."
The gifts available, such as goats and other livestock, as well as the descriptions required for the addresses gives many clues about the culture and the terrain of the country. A brief overview of the country: where, population, religion, climate, import/export etc is a good starter before exploring this site.

The terms of service are also interesting: "...the origin or type of the sheep except for the weight (EthioGift makes a lot of effort to to choose types of sheep that are the choice of most people, but cannot guaranty that the sheep will be from certain locality or breed of the customer)"
Strand 2: e-commerce
Internet World Statistics
Internet World Stats is an International website that features up to date world Internet Usage, Population Statistics and Internet Market Research Data, for over 233 individual countries and world regions. Internet World Stats is a useful source for e-commerce stats, online international market research, the latest Internet statistics, broadband and penetration data, world population statistics and telecommunications markets information and reports. To clarify, the word "stats" is the abbreviation of the word 'statistics'. 'Statistics' is the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data.
Strand 3: Internet

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Posted on Youtube - June 28, 2008

This stop-motion animation depicts the changing geography of the globalizing world.

This video is based on the percentage of the population with internet access, which in
China is quite low while in Latin America it is quite high.


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