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Digital Millenium Coyright Act
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Intellectual Property (IP)

Individuals and groups develop creative works such as books, music and art or compile information sources such as databases. These are products of the mind - intangable products not like land. In todays world wide legal environment the of these works are provided certain ownership rights.
What they own is the Intellectual Property (IP).... Read more

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iiNet - Australian ISP taken to court for copyright infringment -
currently found not guilty, appeal pending in High Court

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Copyright, IP and Freespeech

An interesting site to look at is This has been responsible for a range of disclosures and as such has probably infringed on copyright i.e. ownership and also potentially privacy issues. However, the key tenet of the site is freespeech and the right to know! The idea of whisleblowers is one that has a long tradition. The student is encouraged to investigate this term in relation to how it may apply in their country. The person behind this site is Julian Assange, an Australian - you can read an article on him at WikiLeaks - theAge newspaper

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