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See the ITGS Guide p. 21 for details regarding Strand 1 Social/ethical significance and 1.3 Privacy and anonymity.

Data Pseudonymisation Explained

"The GDPR strongly encourages the use of data protection safeguards such as Anonymisation, Pseudonymisation and Data Minimisation."


Dog sitting at computer, talking to another dog. Steiner, P. New Yorker (1993) 69:20.

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Comprehensive list of factsheets addressing isssues relating to privacy
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Online Safety
3.4 Internet

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Is digital privacy possible?
BBC World Service, podcast by Nigel Shadbolt, Jeff Jonas and Rafael Lozano Hemmer 24 March 2012 (41 minutes)

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Stop Watching Us: the Video
Produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Dos and Don'ts when using Social Networks

Google the "Hungry Beast"

The Terrible Truth about Facebook

Lori Andrews Says Internet Privacy is Dead: Video

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