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See the ITGS Guide p. 22 for details regarding Strand 1 Social/ethical significance and 1.12 Digital Citizenship.


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Digital Citizenship
Official Website of Dr. Mike Ribble who first used the term "Digital Citizenship"
Strand 2: Home and leisure
Strand 3: Internet
Feds release cybesafety booklet
"Net cetera: Chatting with kids about being online"
Strand 2: Home and leisure
Strand 3: Personal and public communications/Internet
Digital Citizenship and Innovation
Digital Citizenship resources from the ISTE Special Interest Group ILT (Innovative Learning Technology)

Digital Citizenship and creative content
Four units of study prepared for students regarding digital citizenship

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Free online curriculum for developing digital citizenship programs includes videos and lesson plans. Also resources for parents.

Digital Citizenship in Schools curated by Judy O'Connell. Regular updates and excellent resources

'Only the Best' Videos and Podcasts

Growing Up Online
A series of 7 videos focused on Growing Up Online
Digital Nation
a series of 9 videso focused on Life on the Virtual Frontier
Podcast with Dr. Mike Ribble

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