ITGSopedia and TISGopedia mirror

ITGSopedia was a public Wikispaces site created in 2009 for teachers to share ITGS teaching and learning resources. Its development coincided with the newly released update to the ITGS syllabus (first exams 2012). Each page was edited and moderated by an experienced ITGS teacher, with ITGS educators free to submit resources for inclusion. TISGopedia was the Spanish language version of the site. Unfortunately Wikispaces started a shut down of its services in July 2018.

These pages are a static mirror of the ITGSopedia wiki, provided as a service for ITGS teachers and students who want to access the resources the site held. This is hopefully a temporary measure until a new version of the site can be set up. If a new incarnation of ITGSopedia appears, please and I will remove these mirrors so you don't receive a duplicate content penalty.

You can access the ITGSopedia mirror or the TISGopedia mirror.


Credits and Copyright

Luckily ITGSopedia and TIGSopedia were licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, so I have been able to mirror them here. The licence notices have been left intact and the terms of CC-BY-SA mean that this mirror falls under the same licence as the original. The content in this mirror was not created by me (except the pages I edited) and it will not be updated. The date of these mirrors is July 2018.

ITGS social and ethical issues

Behind this Wikispaces mirror is a very real ITGS social issue: digital preservation. The nature of digital information is such that it changes rapidly, often replacing previous versions or copies of the data. All web based cloud services are vulnerable to closure, particularly free ones. When services like Wikispaces or Geocities (remember them?) close, they can take vast swathes of information that somebody once thought important.

While physical archives of historic documents and newspapers exist, archives of old web pages are less common. The US Library of Congress and other organisations attempt to archive some 'historic' sites (e.g. the Iraq War web archive), but the nature of web means this is a near impossible task. For example, the Wayback Machine has multiple archives of ITGSopedia, but the most recent copies simply don't work. The most recent working version is from early 2017. Sometimes archiving pages is also made harder by copyright laws. Luckily the content of ITGSopedia and TISGopedia was licensed under Creative Commons.