ITGS Technical Terms Glossary

The book's glossary and index contain concise definitions for all ITGS terminology covered in the textbook, linked to the relevant chapters in the book. A list of all key technical terms and social/ethical language included in the book, divided by topic, can be downloaded here in a variety of formats.

Excel spreadsheet A glossary containing all the ITGS terms and definitions as an Excel spreadsheet. Useful for teachers who want to mark off the terms that have been studied in class.
PDF booklet A ITGS terminology handbook, kindly created by Dominique Laloux. This contains the same terms and definitions as the Excel spreadsheet above, but has spaces for students to check off the terms that they have learnt, and is nicely formatted for double-sided printing. This would work well as a glossary that can be given to every student.
Word document A Microsoft Word version of the glossary above, also created by Dominique Laloux. This is useful for teachers and students who want to maintain an electronic record of the ITGS terms they have learnt.