ITGS Paper 3 (Case Study 2012) - Theatre Booking System

ITGS Higher Level (HL) students must take the paper 3 exam, which is based on a pre-seen case study and is described in the ITGS syllabus section 3.12 Information systems specific to the annual case study. For 2012, the case study is the "Theatre Booking System", examining how information technology is used in three theatre companies. Below are some resources I have found useful when teaching this case study. Feel free to use them and contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

Note: The Theatre Booking System case study was for May and November 2012 only. The ITGS case study is updated each year. This case study is here for reference purposes only. The case study for May and November 2015 is An Investigation into Big Data.

Introduction to the Case Study

  • Comprehension questions Comprehension style questions which I have found useful in making sure students understand the basics of the case study before proceeding.
  • Unpacking task Task to help students understand the current case study situation and produce a wall display which can be used for future lessons
  • Practical task 1 Task to create a database and spreadsheet in a similar style to Coeur Theatral in the case study. This should help students understand the case study IT systems, and review ITGS syllabus sections 3.7 Databases and 3.8 Spreadsheets.
  • Practical task 2 A reflection on the problems encountered in the previous practical task, and a further task to review mail merge skills.
  • Ticketing systems Secondary research task designed to understand the types of systems PTC might be considering for purchase.

Updated: 2014-11-07

Paper 3 exam question ideas

Below are some questions I wrote to help my students to understand the case study scenarios and exam requirements.
  • Identify two ways that tickets can be delivered to customers. [2 marks]
  • Define the term VPN. [2 marks]
  • Taking into consideration the circumstances of the case study, and specific examples you have studied, explain two technical aspects that must be taken into consideration when designing PTC's new web site. [6 marks]
  • Explain how the analysis of sales and other data can be beneficial to PTC. [8 marks]
  • With reference to the case study and to specific examples you have studied, explain how PTC can implement an IT system to allow online booking and eliminate the problems it currently experiences. [12 marks]

Updated: 2014-11-07
ITGS flash cards for revision

Flashcards for Revision

Case study flashcards to test students on the key terms related to the 2012 case study. Of course, the case study exam will likely include key terms from other ITGS topics too.
Updated: 2014-11-07