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Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1468023616
ISBN-13: 978-1468023619
Published: December 20, 2011
Language: English
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Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma is the first textbook designed specifically for the IB ITGS course, and is available now from,, and a variety of book shops. You can also view a detailed table of contents and download a

Table of Contents

The table of contents can be viewed below, or a detailed table of contents can be downloaded here (PDF):

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to ITGS
  • Chapter 2 - Hardware
  • Chapter 3 - Software
  • Chapter 4 - Networks
  • Chapter 5 - Security
  • Chapter 6 - Multimedia
  • Chapter 7 - Databases
  • Chapter 8 - Models and Simulations
  • Chapter 9 - Business and Employment
  • Chapter 10 - Education
  • Chapter 11 - Environment
  • Chapter 12 - Health
  • Chapter 13 - Home and Leisure
  • Chapter 14 - Politics and Government
  • Chapter 15 - IT Systems in Organisations
  • Chapter 16 - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Chapter 17 - Glossary of ITGS terminology

Textbook Summary

Textbook features include: 
  • Clear objectives for each chapter, tied directly to the ITGS syllabus, so you can be sure that all aspects of the course are being covered.
  • Course content is explained through clear and up to date examples, plus historical context.
  • Over 200 varied exercises, mixing ethical discussion points, classroom exercises, practical activities, and exam style questions to cover the syllabus content from a variety of assessment angles. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) links are included, enabling integration with the IB core hexagon.
  • Over 300 diagrams, photographs, and illustrations to bring topics alive.
  • Key language review for every chapter, plus a complete glossary of ITGS terminology.
  • Fully cited examples in every chapter mean students can extend their learning with wider reading—an essential part of IB courses.
  • Online support to extend learning with additional case studies, links, and activities.

Full syllabus coverage

The latest ITGS syllabus (first exams May 2012) is fully covered in the textbook, including the two Higher Level topics (IT Systems in Organisations and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics). It does not cover the Internal Assessment practical project, as this topic does not lend itself well to the textbook medium. However, the internal assessment project page of this site contains help for the practical project. The annually issued ITGS case study is also supported with resources and lesson ideas on this site.

The book is designed for all ITGS students, from those with little or no previous IT knowledge to those with extensive experience. Early chapters introduce the ITGS core elements - the social and ethical issues, hardware, and software - with clear explanations for beginners and extended examples for more advanced students. The text then progresses through essential IT Systems including networks and models and simulations, always integrating each element of the ITGS triangle, and fully supporting the explanations with practical activities and links to real life examples.

The second half of the book covers the ITGS Specific Scenarios (formerly Areas of Impact), where students can apply their knowledge of IT systems and social and ethical issues to each of the required areas: business and employment, education, environment, health, home and leisure, and politics and government.

Student exercises

Each chapter of the book includes student exercises (over 200 in total), from practical activities to classroom discussion points. Practice examination questions cover the full range of ITGS command terms from basic 'identify' and 'state' questions to extended response questions requiring detailed analysis and evaluation, to ensure students are fully prepared for examinations. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) links help ensure integration with the IB core hexagon. A full glossary of ITGS and extended IT terminology is included, fully indexed and with clear definitions.