Information Technology in a Global Society

ITGS textbook cover Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma is the first textbook designed specifically for the IB ITGS course. Unlike the general computer science textbooks currently used by many ITGS teachers, this book is written specifically with the IB ITGS course requirements in mind, and covers all components of the new ITGS syllabus (first exams May 2012), including the Higher Level (HL) topics. It is fully illustrated with over 300 photographs, diagrams, and charts.

The book is available from,, and a variety of book shops.

This site supports the book with additional lesson plans, exercises, links to useful software, and other ITGS teaching resources. You can also view a detailed table of contents and download a free sample chapter.

Latest updates

DARPA Urban challenge video

DARPA Urban Challenge 2007

The 2007 competition for driverless cars organised by DARPA was the followup to the 2005 Grand Challenge in the Nevada desert. Although the video is a bit old now, it is useful for seeing how the technology worked (and didn't!) in the early days. It is also a reminder of how quickly technology develops in fields like artificial intelligence.

Updated: 2018-01-26
Should Robots look like humans

Video: Should Robots Look Like Humans?

This short video examines a new android called Sophia, and discusses the reasons for designing human-like robots (and the reasons not, too).

Updated: 2018-01-26
Why privacy matters

Video: Why privacy matters (Glenn Greenwald)

A great talk by Glenn Greenwald that addresses online privacy, and particularly the common fallacy that 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'. The video is a great introduction to the ITGS privacy theme.

Updated: 2018-01-26
Computer model

Various models

Updated: 2018-01-15
Car crash computer model

Car crash models

Car crash models can be used to test the strength of different car designs, the effects of different safety measures, and the potential injuries to passengers and pedestrians. The following new articles and videos cover car crash models from standard road cars to racing cars:

Updated: 2018-01-15
Climate and weather models

Climate and weather models


Models 'key to climate forecasts' (BBC) underlines the importance of climate models to modern science, while Supercomputing the Climate (video) that is a good introduction to the weather models and climate models. Hurricane Forecast Computer Models is another useful resource for understanding why models have inaccuracies.

How climate models work

Two articles by National Earth Science Teachers Association and How do climate models work? all explain how computer climate models work, with clear text and diagrams.

Development of climate models

In Pictures: Climate Models (BBC) shows graphically how climate models have developed over the past five decades, from relatively basic models of a spherical Earth to modern advanced models with many more variables and processes. New Supercomputer Enhances Reliability of Weather Predictions (PhysOrg) describes how new technological developments are driving better models.

Problems with climate models

Despite these advances in model development, the ARS Technica article Climate Models get Smarter, but uncertainly won't go away explains why model's results will always differ from reality.

Example models

The Greenhouse Effect model and Carbon cycle model from Gizmos are great examples to use in lessons. NetLogo Models Library: Climate Change is another useful example.

Updated: 2018-01-15
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