Information Technology in a Global Society

ITGS textbook cover Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB Diploma is the first textbook designed specifically for the IB ITGS course. Unlike the general computer science textbooks currently used by many ITGS teachers, this book is written specifically with the IB ITGS course requirements in mind, and covers all components of the new ITGS syllabus (first exams May 2012), including the Higher Level (HL) topics. It is fully illustrated with over 300 photographs, diagrams, and charts.

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This site supports the book with additional lesson plans, exercises, links to useful software, and other ITGS teaching resources. You can also view a detailed table of contents and download a free sample chapter.

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Smart homes problems

Smart Home issues

Smart homes do raise a variety of ITGS social and ethical issues, some of which are covered in the articles below

Updated: 2015-10-04
3D Printed skull

3D Printing and Healthcare

Hospitals are now using 3D printing technology to turn medical scans into 3D models to plan surgeries and other treatment. 3D Systems is one such company - their web page contains a wealth of information about the technologies and techniques they employ. Another good example is Simbionix, whose site has examples of 3D printing heart models, and videos of the process.

Two good case studies are Mina Khan, who had her life saved by a 3D printed heart,and a young baby called Kaiba had his life saved by doctors using a 3D printed component to help him breathe properly.

4D animated scans of unborn babies have been around for a while now; companies such as 3D babies now offer the chance to turn these scans into 3D models.

Some researchers are also investigating how 3D printing can be used in prosthetics, particularly with a view to improving facial prostheses.

The Benefits of 3D Printing Healthcare is an article from Betanews which does a good job of explaining these technologies and how they might develop in the future.

Updated: 2015-09-26
NASA Mars Rovers manual

NASA Mars Rovers Manual: 1997-2013 (Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity)

by David Baker |

This great 'Workshop manual' contains a lot of technical information about the Mars rovers (Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity) which is related to the ITGS HL Robotics topic. There is a wealth of information relating to the rovers' hardware, input and output devices, and communication equipment. Written with technical detail, these sections give students a chance to see real life robotic technology in action (did you know Curiosity has 2GB of flash memory?). A great addition to the ITGS classroom library.

Updated: 2015-07-29
Internet censorship

Exercise 14.1: Internet filtering, censorship, and surveillance

Reporters without Borders and the Open Network Initiative (ONI) both maintain up to date information about global Internet surveillance and censorship. In addition, the following articles are useful for stimulating conversation about types of appropriate and inappropriate content, and whether government control of the internet is appropriate. Increasingly search engines, social networks, and other web sites may also be asked to block access to certain content - either locally or globally. The news articles below provide examples of this type of filtering: The digital citizenship page covers some of the potential legal impacts of online behaviour.
Updated: 2015-07-27
Colour depth and bit depth

Colour depth / Bit Depth

Section 5.5.2 of this long article covers the effect of bit depth on image quality and file size. What really makes this page a great resource is the interactive elements on the page, which let students experiment with matching different colours at different colour depths, and help them to see the effect on the image. A highly recommended resource.

Updated: 2015-06-05
Smart homes examples

Examples of Smart Homes

How Stuff Works often provides a good introduction to an ITGS topic, and smart homes are no exception. Their page covers the most common types of home automation technology, as well as giving an overview of the benefits and potential issues.

Home Automation is a short video which demonstrates a real-life home that has been converted into a smart home by a technology enthusiast. The video also goes into some detail about how this control and automation happens.

Inside the house of the future is a video which covers smart technology in many different rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

Smart homes a reality in S Korea describes possible advancements in smart home technology. Despite being a slightly older article it is useful for examining how technology has changed in recent years and whether or not predictions have been realised (and why).

A new kind of fire fighting describes smart buildings which can monitor themselves, providing alerts in the event of a fire and offering emergency responders an insight into exactly what is happening inside the building.

Updated: 2015-06-02
Smart Homes

Smart Home and Home Automation companies

The following companies are involved in the competitive smart homes market and offer an interesting insight into the latest technical developments.

SmartThings is a company offering home automation technology to monitor, control, and secure your home.

Nest is famous for its smart smoke alarms and thermostats. As a cutting edge company its website is well worth a visit to find out about the latest in smart home technology.

Updated: 2015-06-02
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